5 Ways The Right Fuel Additive Can Save You Money Today!!

Hi, my name is Jeff Drudge.

I have been using fuel additives for almost 10 years. I have put together some information that will help you know what to look for in a fuel additive. This is a list that includes most of the problems that are part of burning fuel, and some of the top ways to save money by addressing the worst areas of concern. Happy reading!!

1)Water Control, or the ongoing removal of water from your fuel. This is very important, for 2 reasons. #1 is condensation. When fuel changes temperature 7 degrees C it creates condensation, which then forms in the tank, and can get mixed in with the fuel, causing poor running, winter freeze up, and premature injector wear, which costs you money by needing to replace them sooner, or by getting poorer performance from worn injectors. #2 is the fact that you can pick up water in the fuel that you buy. Your fuel supplier will not love me for this, but it is true.

2)Detergent. Just like you clean the interior of your car, so you should also clean the internal engine parts as well. Using a fuel additive with a good, safe detergent in it can provide not only an initial cleaning of all the components, but will continue to keep it clean as long as you use it. A soft, slow cleaning benefit is better to have all the time than using a harsh, abrasive cleaner periodically. This will save you having to buy special cleaning agents to put into your tank.

3)Lubricant. There is a real need for an extra lubricant in the fuel. Regulations allow the fuel to be marketed at the bare minimums, but those levels may not provide the proper amount of lubricant to keep the fuel pump working properly. This can lead to excessive pump wear, costing you money for pump repair or replacement that you could have saved or put to better use.

4)Octane Enhancer. (Gas)This important feature helps to improve the burn regardless of the octane rating of the fuel that you are using. This means that there will be a better, higher quality burn, and can also reduce the pinging that can come with lower octane fuels. A better burn means less fuel used, which means less money spent on fuel.

Cold Flow Protection. (Diesel)This is for diesel specifically, which has the ability to gel in the winter, which is not good. If it has ever happened to you, then I don’t need to say more! This will cause downtime, frustration, and money. Why risk going through winter with the chance of this happening? This feature should lower the pour point significantly, so that the fuel will still work effectively all winter long. Keeping your equipment going without downtime will pay off large dividends!

5)Combustion Modifier. This helps to smooth out the flame progression, and gives a more complete burn, therefore reducing your emissions, and increasing the fuel economy. Increasing economy will save money on fuel, and will also cut down on harmful emissions. Having increased efficiency may also help your vehicle pass the emissions tests better.

These 5 things cover the majority of problems found in fuel usage today. Regular use of a fuel additive containing these benefits will have a great impact on your operation. Many additives today are designed to cover 1 or 2 features, but not all 5. You owe it to yourself to check this out, and do some pricing. Many times if you buy several products that will give you all the coverage that you need, it could cost you more than you will save. If you could find something that would be cost-effective, and save you money as well, would you use it?

I will show you how you can save money on your fuel bill with 2 simple steps.

#1 Fill out the form on the www.fuel-additives-that-work.com/fuel-additive-cost.html page of my website, which is a simple form where you enter the approximate amount of fuel usage for a year.

#2 I will personally reply to you with an estimated savings based on national averages.

Why not do this now? You have nothing to lose, and the possibility to start saving on your fuel bill.

You have now read this report. Now please fill out the form at the link above, and then you will have the power to make an informed decision.

Thanks for taking the time to read this report. I look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

Your partner in success, Jeffrey Drudge

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