Gas additives for today's discerning consumer

Are you concerned about what gas additives to use? Do you realize that there are issues in today's fuel burning world, such as high prices, ethanol to deal with, and environmental goals to meet.

There are many additives for fuel, and sometimes it may be hard to know what is the best products to use for the best fuel efficiency.

You may also wonder, what is the best fuel additive?

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I know that there are many different brands of additives available, and if you are using something that works, great.

Here's what I use, and some of the benefits of this particular product.

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Here are the features mentioned in the above audio.

#1. Water Control

Water will find itself into your gas tank year around, if not, you would not see gas line antifreeze for sale at every gas station! Water will get in in the form of condensation, and we know that this will happen when fuel changes temperature 7 degrees C.

Usually for gas powered engines, the water problem doesn't show up til winter, and then it prevents your car from starting. That's when you go for the gas line antifreeze.

If you have good water control all year, then there will never be a buildup of moisture, and the freezing problem should be gone.

Water control is best if the water is broken "down" into small particles, small enough for the water to pass harmlessly through the system, and be burned as steam. Watch out for alcohol-type products, they tend to break water "up" into larger droplets, and that can cause damage to the injector tip.

There is a theory that the use of ethanol in our fuel will take care of the water problems, but it may not do as good a job with water as we think, if it sends the moisture out in larger droplets, and causes damage to the components in the process.

#2. Cleaning action.

A good additive will also have a cleaning affect on the system. There is always a potential for carbon buildup, and this happens if the burn is not as good as it should be. The cleaning action should be very gentle, and not harsh and aggresive. There are some products that you put into the tank, and then run the fuel through within a few hours, and it has to all be burned out or flushed out, or it will cause damage to the fuel tank. That is a very harsh and aggresive type of a cleaner, and used properly, may do the job, but must be done only by trained technicions who are qualified to use that kind of products.

The average car owner may want to use something a little safer that that.

#3. A lubricant.

A lubricant is important with the fuel that we use today. There is a need for a top oil to keep the valves and upper piston area lubricated properly, reducing sticking and burning valves, and reducing piston ring wear.

#4. Octane Enhancer

Improves burn on all type of fuel used, whether low or high octane.

#5. Combustion Modifier

This will enable the engine to more fully use the fuel, by controlling the burn, and more of the gas gets burned up. This tranlates into better fuel economy, more horsepower, and a great reduction in emissions out the tailpipe.

#6. Fuel Stabilizer

Gas has a relatively short shelf life, especially in smaller containers. Did you ever notice that gas left in a small engine off season will often turn to a thick, varnish-like substance? Yeah, then when it is time to start that motor, have fun, you'll likely end up taking it to your small engine repair shop, and have them clean out the carb for you.

If you have a good fuel additive in your gas, it should keep the fuel from going stale for many months, maybe nearly a year. The benefit of this is that you don't need to have those small engines gum up on you over winter, or during the off season. If the fuel is preserved, then just pull out the lawn mower in the spring, and start cutting grass! Watch all your neighbours battling with stale fuel, and gummed up carburettors, while you merrily keep on mowing!

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