Find out what to do to prevent stale gas for your small engines and off season gas motors

One problem that we have with gasoline is that if not used up within a period of time it starts to detiriorate. Stale fuel will cause poor starting, poor performance, maybe misfiring, and other problems. The worse problem seems to be poor starting, and this usually happens when you get your lawn mower out at the beginning of the year, and go to start it up. Lawnmower

The next step is to take the carb all apart, clean out the fuel that has turned to gum and varnish inside. then put it all back together, fill it with fresh gas, and try again.


I have found a very cheap solution to this problem, by using the proper additive, it will keep the fuel from going stale for up to 9 months, which is lots long enough for most off-season storage of small engines. This only costs five (5) cents per litre (19 cents per US gallon) to treat, shipped to your door.

This product comes in a 500 ml bottle and treats 625 L. or 165 US gallons. I have used this for almost 12 years on our farm, and absolutly love it. It is manufactured in USA and marketed around the world.

The Paypal link below sends you to an order page for 1 bottle of the gas treatment that can be used with all gas engines, large or small. Instructions for use are included. I actually will send a short DVD showing you how to apply it, where to get the best results, and some of the benefits of this gas treatment.

Canada & continental US only.

I have been using this for almost 12 years with wonderful success, and can recommend that you use it to solve this problem in your small engines and seasonal use gas motors.

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