Fuel System Problems, and some reasons to look at fuel additives

There are many different types of fuel system problems that show up in our vehicles and equipment today, and this may help you understand how to avoid some of them, and more importantly, how to prevent them in the first place.

Water in the fuel, gas or diesel, is one of the most common problems, and can do almost the most damage. (click here to see page about fuel and condensation) After we know how it gets into the fuel, lets look at what all happensonce it's in the fuel.

#1 Water in fuel becomes more corrosive than by itself. When there is moisture in the fuel, there is more chance of the tank rusting, as well as the fuel lines, and any other metal parts in the system.

#2 Fungal growth can begin to occur in the fuel when there is moisture in the tank. If dirt is able to get into the tank, then a fungus can start to grow, and it thrives in a fuel/water mix, and can grow quite rapidly. There have been cases in a bulk tank situation where there is up to 20% of the tank volumne filled with massive sludge and fungus growth. Having a controlled and treated fuel can prevent this from happening. One for the little side benefits I get from using diesel treatment in all my farm bulk tanks!

#3 Dry fuel is causing alot of problems today. With the regulations for ULSD being implemented in many parts of the country, we are starting to see and will see more problems with a lack of lubrication in the fuel. (More on this on the ULS Diesel tab - coming soon)

#4 Injector wear is a common problem, and there are 2 main things that cause this. #1 is water or moisture, #2 is dirt in the fuel. If you don't know what to do about moisture in your fuel, (click here) to go to the page about water control in your fuel. Dirt should be easy to take care of, most engines have a good filter or can be fitted with a top quality filter to ensure that a clean supply of fuel is made available to the motor.

Some reasons to look at using fuel additives

To find some answers to these problems, click here to go to the 5 Benefits page and see how some of these benefits may help out in your situation. This is a quick overview of additive benefits, and what to look for. Do be careful before you go out and buy the cheapest fuel additives, though. Many of them are only doing 1 or 2 things for you, and may actually be costing you more money than you are saving.

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