Fuel & Condensation, and how to avoid the damage that can occur

How does water get into your Fuel?

#1 Condensation. Petroleum products, including gas, diesel and oil only need to change temperature 7C until there is moisture created.

This can cause many different fuel system problems, such as poor operation, uneven idle, premature injector wear, and many other small issues.

When the fuel in your vehicle cools down at night, and then warms up in the daytime, there can be condensation forming on the top of the tank. The theory is that if you fill your truck or equipment tanks at the end of each day, then there will not be condensation forming in the tank. This may not get you the results that you hope for. If your truck is running all day, and then you fill up with colder fuel, as it enters the tank, it will cool the other fuel down, and with the change in temperature can create moisture. Plus, if you're running in cooler temperatures, the fuel return line is always putting warmer fuel back into the tank, keeping the unused fuel in the tank warmer than the surrounding temperature, also creating an environment for moisture to form.

#2 You might be buying water. The fuel companies may not like this subject, but it seems they are allowed to sell fuel with up to 3% water in it, before they have to do anything about it. So what might seem like good gas or diesel may have water in it already.

What to do about water in your fuel? Good question - Click the blue link below

click here for details on how to eliminate moisture from your fuel system.

Jeff's CaseIH Combine You don't want big machinery like this having downtime because of poor fuel quality.

This is one of the pieces of equipment on our farm that enjoys the benefits of a good quality fuel additive, as well as other high quality lubricants.

Fuel and water don't mix, right? Or do they? If they don't, then why is water a problem with fuel, and how does it get there?

Fuel and water seem to have a natural affinity for each other. Click here to find out how to get rid of water in your fuel

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