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Looking to find different fuel additives that work? There are literally hundreds of different options available on the marketplace today. Like many other things, they are not all created equal. If you're like me, you want to know which is the best fuel additive for your own particular situation. The question is, which ones work best, and how do you know what to look for?

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Drudge, and I will take you on a little tour through the journey of learning what to look for in a fuel additive. The information contained here in this site is a collection of what I personally have learned and discovered since I started using gas and diesel fuel additives in 1998 on my personal vehicles, and also in the industry that I am involved with.

The 5 Top Ways Fuel Additives will save you money Click Here Now to go to the 5 Benefits Page! page for an overview of the main issues with fuel usage today.

This site is filled with good information about fuels, fuel additives, how they work, and how to get the most benefit out of the substance that we spend so much on, and rely on so much in our lives.

If you are looking for the best diesel fuel additive, this is a good place to start.

There is a page about diesel fuel treatments, and how they work, as well as some information about gas additives.

Did you ever wonder what the Cetane ratings mean? Click here to read more. Cetane.

Where do you start when looking for something to add to your fuel?

Some will walk into the local big box store, and try to chose from about 50 different brands, that all say the same thing, and sound like they do the same job.

Others will go to their fuel supplier and ask them what to use.

Other people will think that their fuel company will take care of them, and always provide for their needs by supplying high quality fuel.

Still others will think that it is not neccesary to manage the fuel, leaving that in the hands of the dealer.

Some will feel that it is all a big hoax, that fuel additives do not work, are not important, or not worthwhile.

So, which catagory do you fit into?

Regardless who you are, what you drive, or how much money you spend on fuel, there will most certainly be something of interest here for you.

Wonder how fuel and water mix? Or don't mix? Check out the page "Condensation"

Wonder how water gets into your fuel 365 days a year? Check out "Condensation"

Wonder how injector tips wear? Check out "fuel system problems"

Condensation in fuel, & how to solve the problem
Some of the biggest causes of condensation are happening all year long. Here are several things you can do about it...
Most common fuel system problems in our equipment and cars today
Some of the most common fuel system problems are not that hard to solve,
Some pros and cons about using ethanol in your car
There is alot of talk about fuel and ethanol, and whether it's a good thing or not. Read some good information about how it will affect you...
Why use diesel fuel additives?
Diesel fuel additives, and how to sort through the products available, and get what you need for your equipment
Gas additives, and what it takes to make a good one
Gas additives for today's needs, taking care of concerns that we face in the fuel that we burn
A business opportunity in the fuel additive industry that could change your life
One of the best business opportunities available, with products that are used every day by thousands of people worldwide...
Is fuel additive a cost to me, or will it save me money?
Fuel additive cost may be less than you think, compared to what you're spending on fuel
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The place for VIP Customers to download product info, extra data, etc.
The place for vip
Here is more information for vip's
What does Cetane rating mean?
Some information about cetane ratings for diesel fuel
Burning water for gas in your car or truck
Burning water for gas has become more common lately. Find our why...
Contact me about how these fuel additives could save you money
Contact me now to recieve a Free Report about good additives that I have used for over nine years with great results
Some facts about my life
My personal experiences using fuel additives
Fuel Additive Blog
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My choice of products that I have used for many years
Car Care Products
Some products for taking care of your car
Want To Keep Your Gas Fresh?
Want to keep your fuel from going stale? This short video reveals how you can find a simple, time-tested solution to keep your fuel from going stale...
Fuel Additives That Work For Stale Gas
Find out how to prevent stale gas

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