Pros of ethanol, and the benefits it provides

There is a lot of interest in the pros of ethanol, as well as using fuel additives, and why you should use it.

First of all, it is now very common, and available almost anywhere in North America.

Here are some of the ethanol benefits.

Ethanol is made from biomass, and usually people think of corn when they think of ethanol, and rightly so. Corn is used quite extesively when it comes to ethanol, although that is not the only way that it can be produced.

There is a lot of concern from the media about the use of corn into the ethanol/fuel flow, and there are all knods of facts and figures thrown back and forth between differnt sides as to what is the answer to our fuel and energy needs, and the answer to the worlds food needs.

This site will not address all the issues regarding the food vs. fuel war that is rageing. Rather, the focus is on the pros and cons of using ethanol from the standpoint of the everyday consumer and how it affects your vehicles.

Ethanol is a form of alcohol, and that means that it is combustable. Most ethanol blends are 1-10%, with e85 being used and tested by various manufactureing companies.

Ethanol at the 5% level in your gas has a number of benefits.

#1 Water and ice control. There will be a certain level of water elimination with the presence of alcohol in fuel, and will provide a de-iceing affect to a degree.

#2 Ethanol has a cleaning affect on the internal componants of an engine. There may be carbon deposits that will be cleaned out through the use of ethanol.

#3 If you are a grain farmer, there is a chance that the increased use of ethanol will provide you with a better price for your corn!

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