Water control in your fuel is a must. Water can be the #1 wear factor in injector wear in your diesel engine

Below is the same simple illustration of water mixed with diesel fuel. This is very simple, and it shows very clearly why water control is needed in your fuel systems, especially in diesel engines.

Water in your Diesel Fuel is not a good thing, so watch this...

Water & Fuel

This is #2 On-Road Diesel Fuel, in a pint jar, with water in. The jar on the left has no fuel treatment in it. The jar on the right is treated with a product that will help to eliminate water throughout the year.

Shake Fuel

Now the jars are shaken briefly, then set down again. This is to simulate the fuel in a vehicle that is driving down the road or field. The vibrations of operation cause the fuel & water to mix.

15 seconds

Now the fuel is set down, and after a few seconds the water starts to settle out.

20 seconds

Now we give it a few more seconds, and can see that the jar on the right side is settling out slower, meaning that the water particles are smaller, and suspended in the fuel better.

45 seconds

Now we wait a little longer, and see more clearly the difference when the product on the right settles out slower

What's the point here? You need something in your fuel to break the water down small enough to pass through the system like the jar on the right!

This is a very simple thing to show, and yet it is so educating. What this means to you is that through regular use of this additive, (and not just thinking ethanol will take care of water) in that fuel system, it will constantly break the water down into little tiny particles, and be passed through the system, be burned, and out the tailpipe as steam, not doing any harm to the injectors or fuel pump. That alone is worth big dollars in savings! Contact me now if you want to know how this will work for you!

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